Social Media


Your customers expect a conversation with value exchange. Whether you operate in the B2B or consumer space, the simple fact is there is an expectation for your brand to be active on social media… it’s one of the first things audiences will look for to assess your credibility.<br /> We help our clients define what the best channels are for them to participate on and connect with their audience, and how to build and maintain the ‘best’ followers to offer them the best chance of conversion and advocacy.


Whether you’re looking to establish your presence on social media, or dial it up all the way to using it as a CRM tool integrated with your entire business - we can get you there<br /> We’ll also support in showing you how social needs to work with the rest of your online and offline communication plans.<br />

1 Channel & Content Strategy

Social media is not a channel only for your brand recognition only, it’s a valuable sales and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool for your business and teams. We will create a social media channel and content strategy flight plan that ensures you are reaching your audience in the forum and platforms they are already spending their time, lowering the barrier to entry when engaging them.<br /> Social media content strategy takes into consideration two sets of distinct channels:

BRAND DYNAMIC will provide full channel setup and optimisation to ensure that all of your channels and uniform in terms of look, feel and tone. We also make sure all of your channels speak to each other, giving your audience an option to elevate the conversation by making a purchase or enquiry.<br /> Primary channels of focus include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

Staff channels - the personalised point of view.

We can provide entry level to advanced social media training to support the adoption of social media amongst your staff, to tap into the benefits of developing an online presence with relevant content. We provide the tools you need internally to share your content amongst staff, as well as promote, incentivise and measure who is most active and how well they are building their networks, and by extension, those of your business. Social media of course is only one part of the online marketing mix. We tie all efforts into providing website traffic supporting SEO, as well as social media advertising which can be tied intrinsically into re-marketing efforts across PPC campaigns.

2.Social Media Measurement

We learn and adapt content based on audience reactions, changes in market trends and we’re careful to constantly ensure we are laddering back to your business objectives. We use both ‘native’ and ‘third party’ social media measurement tools to track impact across your full social media estate. Typically we present this back in a regular report to inform performance and optimisation efforts.Within social media performance measurement we typically track the following key indicators: