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With a concise set of business objectives in place, BRAND DYNAMIC will develop a go to market content and web strategy for you which takes into consideration the following: Content tone of voice which we refine via audience profiling The best content format splits between written, visual and rich media The most appropriate digital channels to focus on in order to effectively reach your target audience Measurement and analytics to ensure constant optimise of your website traffic and on site content BRAND DYNAMIC will work with you to develop a creative platform and clear roadmap to deliver measurable success across your digital marketing mix.


The stats speak for themselves when it comes to how engaged or disengaged users will be when they arrive at your website, depending on how clear your navigation is. A well thought through web design should complement your brand, and allow someone to find the information they are looking for quickly, and take action without delay. BRAND DYNAMIC always puts website design, user experience, and information architecture through this lens. We will design and develop your campaign microsite, landing pages and full multi-lingual home website with the user in mind. We start with our marketing hats on, and then test usability with our consumer ones on, to ensure the two are harmonised.


Connect with your audience using meaningful content to develop conversations and advocacy   Your customers expect a conversation with value exchange. Whether you operate in the B2B or consumer space, the simple fact is there is an expectation for your brand to be active on social media… it’s one of the first things audiences will look for to assess your credibility.


Don’t just tell your audience - show them BRAND DYNAMIC have you covered from every angle. We take to the skies with our drones to capture footage from this hugely embraced perspective, all the way to filming the micro shots which ensure we get every detail. BRAND DYNAMIC offers the full video solution from scripting, shot planning, site scouting, talent hire, voice over and capture. We’ll make sure your brand, product, senior teams, and even events are capture in an engaging format. We have a full post production suite that allows us to further enhance your content with graphic overlays, and bite sized video formats from the marquee piece that we capture, enabling easy social media shareability.